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Audio & Video Installation Services that Exceed Your Expectations

Luxurious Living Room with a ViewIn some instances, you may have already purchased components from another vendor or received them as a gift. Regardless of how they were acquired, putting together a comprehensive media system in your house or a video conferencing system in your business requires the coordination of many skilled people.

Stimuli Sight & Sound works hand-in-hand with you and/or your building team to assure that your home, business or classroom audio and video system is designed and installed to your specifications.

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Future-proofing Your Home’s Technology Needs

Running wires can be hard work, especially when getting into those small spaces above ceilings, in walls, and under floors. All of our installations aim for the highest aesthetic appearance; we always make a best effort to conceal those wires. It only makes sense if you are hiring someone to get inside your walls to run wires of any kind, you do it once, you do it right, with your future needs in mind.

As home audio and video equipment technology advances, our computers, portable audio devices, and various networks are evolving into one unified system. Structured wiring solutions will accommodate your future home’s networking needs, as well as provide a medium for your current residential voice and data requirements.

Our structured cabling service includes:

  • Residential cable television wiring
  • Telephone wiring
  • Internet network wiring

structured cable

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