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Experience Movies and TV in Your Home Like Never Before

Luxury home theaterStimuli Sight and Sound has been installing home theaters in homes around the seacoast of New Hampshire for over a decade. Our experienced designers will integrate your system into your home’s design—hiding wires when possible and situating components for optimal sound and viewing. From dedicated theater-like spaces to just creating a theater-like experience right in your living room, we can design a system that meets your technological and budgetary expectations.

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The Advantage of a Home Theater from Stimuli Sight and Sound

There’s no doubt that going out to the movies can be enjoyable, especially with the big movie sound and big movie screen. However, unexpected events can end-up detracting from the overall experience. Perhaps it’s the price of the movie tickets or needing a line of credit to buy popcorn and a drink. Maybe it’s the rocking from the child in the seat in front of you or the animated conversation of another lively viewing neighbor. Or possibly, it’s the planning involved to get to the theater on time or risk sitting in the front row or off to the side.

A home theater provides everything you love about the movies without any of the hassles. In fact, today’s HDTVs, HD projectors, and multi-channel, digital surround-sound audio systems can produce better sound and visual quality that a theater.


Satisfy Your Curiosity

We know you’re curious about what is possible. So why not contact us today and see how Stimuli Sight and Sound can make your home theater dreams a reality.

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