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Automation/Lighting Control Systems

Automate Your Home with the Touch of a Tablet (or Smartphone)

tablet whole house automation
Automation and lighting control systems from Stimuli Sight and Sound integrates complex home devices into one simple and intelligent system. Lights and blinds automatically adjust based on outside lighting conditions. A bedside button ensures that the garage door is closed and that all lights gradually change to your preset, night time levels.

A single movie button fades your lights and activates your audio/video equipment, just like the movie theater. Even a midnight trip to the bathroom becomes easier with an automated soft night light.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation and see how an automation and lighting control system from Stimuli Sight and Sound can provide convenience, simplicity, and comfort in your life.


Total control. Total convenience. Total energy savings.

Automation and lighting control systems from Stimuli Sight and Sound not only simplify your life, but also reduce energy costs. Multiple, complex, single-function remote controls are eliminated. Heating and cooling systems are automated for maximum efficiency, eliminating the need to manually adjust from one season to another. Lights, TVs and other electronics can be turned off or on remotely.

When you are traveling, securely access any of your home systems via the Internet. Ensure that lights behave as if someone is home while you are on vacation. View visitors at the front door from the convenience of your kitchen, home office, or bedroom.

Contact us today and bring your home into the 21st century.

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